Super Mario Run

3.0.7 for iPhone

At last, Super Mario is available for iOS devices!




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For the first time ever the classic and legendary Nintendo video game, Super Mario, is officially available for all iOS devices!

The main difference you’ll find between Super Mario Run and the original game is that our favorite plumber, Mario, runs by himself. In other words, you only need to worry about jumping, stopping, and directing Mario to the right or to the left in order to attack or avoid his enemies. Other than this slight modification, the gameplay is basically the same: you have to help Mario collect coins and destroy his enemies in order to reach the flag that indicates the end on that level.

Super Mario Run gives you three different options to play: the story mode where you have to pass the different levels in order to save the enchanting Princess Peach from the evil Bowser. There is also a competition mode where you can challenge other players, and an innovative third option where you can create your own levels! Just make sure you are always online to play.

In the story mode, you have to run up hills, through caves, enchanted mansions, and castles in order to save the beloved Princess Peach. You can do so through six different worlds and 24 levels, although only the first ones are free. After that, you purchase the complete package to keep playing.

Using the racing mode, you can show off your sweet moves by competing against your friends or other players all over the world! You must impress the greater number of Toads by collecting more coins and pulling more stunts. If you impress them enough, you might just get them to come live in your world.

And just as if saving the Princess or winning to your world-wide opponents wasn’t enough, with Super Mario Run you can also be the architect of your own world by setting up more than 100 different buildings and other elements wherever you want them to be. Remember, gaining the Toads’ approval is important because they are the ones that give you access to the buildings and other elements.
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