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Super Mario Run is finally out on Android!


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After a spectacular start on iOS, Nintendo's newest bet for mobile gaming is now available on Android. In Super Mario Run, you'll finally enjoy all of Mario's adventures for the first time ever with their official release on smartphones.

The main difference in Super Mario Run in terms of the original game is that this time Mario runs automatically. So players focus on jumping and controlling his maneuvers like braking, heading left and right, as well as attacking and dodging bad guys. Beyond this modification, the essence is the same: our favorite plumber will have to collect coins and beat his opponents until he reaches the flag that marks the end of that level.

Super Mario Run has three playing modes: story mode in where you have to go ahead and overcome levels to save Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser. It also has a competition mode to face off against other players and another third option to create your own unique levels. Of course, in order to play you'll need access to a stable internet connection.

In story mode, you'll voyage through 6 different worlds and 24 levels. But only the first few levels are free. After a certain point you'll have to make an in-app purchase in order to access new levels. Run and leap nonstop to rescue Princess Peach by advancing between hills, through caverns, in haunted mansions, on board air fortresses or deep within castles.

As for racing mode, you can brag to your friends and play against users from around the world. Try to beat other users' scores, collect more coins, perform stunts with more style, and get more of Toad's approval. If you're really good enough, the Toads move to your kingdom.

Not only that, but in Super Mario Run you'll also have the option to create your own kingdom by placing buildings and other elements provided by the Toads who previously earned them in races against friends or other opponents. You'll also get the chance to place up to 100 different elements.
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The arrival of Super Mario Run to Android marked the midpoint in Nintendo's master plan to conquer the mobile market. Besides the ones developed by the company and another studio in a collaboration agreement, there are also licensed third-party games for smartphones and tablets that are exclusive to Nintendo, like Pokémon and Yo-Kai Watch. Here's our compendium of everything Nintendo-related to be found on Android.
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Finally! Super Mario Run now out on Android

Ever since December 15, 2016, we Android users have been hating on iOS gamers as they gleefully enjoyed Super Mario Run, the first original Mario game from Nintendo for smartphones and tablets. Three loooong months later, the exclusivity period is finally over and the game is out on Android with the same features: an endless runner in full Nintendo regalia that translates the Super Mario Bros universe to a control system and plot suited to touch and portable screens.
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Super Mario Run to make the jump to Android in March 2017

Any gamer in the world recognizes the little Italian plumber who goes around jumping. Anyone who doesn't has to have been living the past 30 years in a cave, but it's never too late to meet him. Super Mario, that Nintendo hero, has confirmed the news that now has us Android gamers on tenterhooks: the new smartphone game Super Mario Run is coming to Android in March. This game is the perfect addition to the platformer genre that's already so popular on Android. Soon the days of glaring at iOS gamers with envy will be behind us.
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